Friday, December 7, 2007

Cricut Design Studio Software... IS A MUST HAVE ITEM!!!!

Last night I decided to order the Cricut Design Studio software. At this time yesterday, it wasn't on the Cricut website yet, but I thought I'd take my chances and order it anyway.
There was a lot of speculation, that Cricut had decided not to release the free trial version of the Design Studio. So... I was delighted, to receive an email from Cricut today offering me that free trial version.
The trial version will allow you to cut from the original cartridges that came with your Bug, so you can see how the software works. You'll also be able to access all of the Cricut cartridges, but only to explore and play with them on, the on screen cutting mat. Once you purchase the software, you will be able to cut from any cartridge that you own.
In my opinion the software should have come with the Cricut to begin with, it's definitely worth having.
You can also download the software (full version, not trial) from for $89.95 and if you pay an additional $8.95 SH fee, they will send you the rest of the items (Install CD, USB cable & mouse pad) some time in January. Better yet, you can just go buy your own USB cable to connect you Cricut to your PC or if you're like us, you may already have an extra USB cable in a box in the garage...LOL.
Be Smart Create Art!!!
Have a AWESOME weekend everyone.

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