Wednesday, August 31, 2011

365 Cards Challenge "2011" ~ Day 107 - Mega Movie Wednesday

Day 107 - Mega Movie Wednesday
The lantern base, glass (velum), hardware, flame & shadows were cut using Cricut Country Life cartridge. At the base of the lamps hardware, I used a real piece of chain.
Since the sentiment was so tiny I couldn't cut it, so I printed it instead, but the "Let You Light Shine" portion of the sentiment is also from Cricut Country Life cartridge. The outside sentiment "In the brightest day. In the blackest night" is from the Green Lantern movie poster.
 The sentiment plates were all cut using Cricut Disney Mickey Font cartridge.
The easel card base, background papers and box were hand cut. 
Hope you like it!

"Whatever it is that grabs you should be your source of inspiration"

365 Cards Challenge "2011" ~ Day 2 - Pick 5

Here's my card entry for: 365 Cards ~ A New Card Challenge Every Day:


 Day 2 - Pick 5


Pick 5 -
Use the answers to these questions to design your card:
1. Favorite color  ~  (Mine is Brown)
2. Favorite design technique ~ (Mine is Rubber Stamping)
3. Favorite embellie ~ (Mine are Schwartzki Crystals)
4. Least favorite color ~ (Mine is Mauve)
5. Favorite card size (dimensions) ~ (Mine are 5" x  5")
Anything else goes once you've used the above questions to inspire the design of your card.

365 Cards Challenge "2011" ~ Day 1 - White Space

Ha Ha.... My first card challenge entry ever and it's over 5 months behind!  
It's all about the fun and inspiration!

 Here's my card entry for: 365 Cards ~ A New Card Challenge Every Day:
This challenge is from....
Day 1 - White Space

"The goal is to keep all the decorations in the blacked out areas on the sketch"

Blue Chevy Corvette Vintage Old 50's Car ~ Recycled Coffee Sleeve Handmade Greeting Card

More recycled coffee sleeve fun.... The background image is a recycled coffee sleeve.  As I mentioned in the past, one of my husbands friends, heard that I did paper crafting and he started collecting these discarded (perfectly pristine) coffee sleeves for me, years ago.  He thought they could be reused for something and as it turns out, he was right.  I've used them several times throughout the years on different projects.  They also work well punched into colorful flowers and such. To think these little treasures usually just get tossed :):):)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Button inspired "Blue" kitty...

As many of you know, I've been lacking creative motivation, since Blue (kitty) passed away.  Anyway, I recently went to a swap-meet and scored more great buttons (the very last thing I needed).  While I was sorting through them, I found this button that reminded me of Blue's eyes and it inspired this......

This picture shows the true beauty and color of the button I used for the cats eye.
It's also before I glued everything down.

In this image, all the buttons are glued down to the cat silhouette.  Prior to gluing the buttons down,
I stamped the gold card-stock using white ink and a paisley background stamp.  I also hand-cut a red heart and
stamped it with white ink using a piece of burlap as the applicator.

Not sure where to take it from here, but I'll let you know once I'm done!
Cheers, Lisa   

Button Crazy Me!

Yep, button crazy... If I see them in bulk, I just have to buy them! I find them inspiring. This particular bunch is from one day of antique shopping in Prescott, AZ.  It was a very successful button day.  Vintage buttons are my favorite of course, but I'm not picky, I love them all... Buttons are just beautiful little works of art, waiting to be re-used or re-purposed.  

My DH recently found a new button storage for me, once its all set up, I'll post some pic's :):):)
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