Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Delight Loved Ones with a Handmade Card or Gift...

There are so many fascinating arts and crafts out there, if you open your mind... You can have a blast. There's tons of free: How to instructions, templates, patterns, etc., via the net. There are ton's of magazines and books for learning all sorts of crafts. You can also find special crafts shows on television.
There's nothing more delightful than giving and or receiving a handmade card or gift.
Almost 2 years ago, I discovered paper crafting. The adventure began with a plan to create a scrapbook... Who would have ever known that I, would become a paper-crafting junkie. As far as that scrapbook, well I did make one page and it's pretty cute, but once I discovered card making, that was it, I never made another scrapbook page. But, I have made hundreds of cards since that day. Our home has been taken over by crafting goodies, but creating cards is one of my favorite ways to relax.
So, if you decide to dabble in creating your own special cards or gifts... Proceed with caution or soon you will have rooms in your home, dedicated as the "Craft Rooms"... LOL!

Be sure to join the pleadge to give and recieve only handmade items this year!!!!!

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