Thursday, September 15, 2011

My 1st attempt at a digital layout...

Description: Short little story behind this page.... 
I'm a huge George Strait fan... Love, Love, Love his music! When Blue was an itty bitty kitten and I had 1st brought him home from the shelter, within 3-days he was deathly ill. To comfort him, I would let him lay on my chest, pet him gently and sing George Strait's song "Baby Blue" to him (real quite) and it seemed to sooth the poor little guy. So, from that time forward, this was "Blue's" song, I sang in to him for years and he knew it was his song :):):) 


  1. Great layout- I've never done a digital one before- it looks really good :)Amy

  2. oh wow, Lisa. This layout is absolutely beautiful. Congrats on conquering the digital beast. I just adore this picture. It is absolutely beautiful!

  3. Oh Lisa, this is an absolutely gorgeous layout! The picture is so beautiful - what a great tribute to Blue! I love this! Thank you so much for entering my blog candy giveaway :)



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