Sunday, September 18, 2011

I LOVE My New Custom DELUXE 12x12 Paper Storage!!!

 My wonderful husband created this fabulous paper storage with drawers and counter top, for my studio....
   Recently I asked my DH if he could make me a wooden paper storage.  About 6 months ago, I had purchased a paper storage rolling cart from Joann's.  This cart wasn't cheap, but pretty junkie. It was to weak to hold the 6 plastic containers it came with.  Now the one my DH constructed is ultra deluxe, it holds 8 plastic paper containers full of paper, 6 drawers from another rollie cart I had, an extra large wooden drawer (DH also made) and an additional work surface... Pretty amazing :):):)
For additional pictures and details, please visit my other blog...


  1. Lucky you!! This is gorgeous.

  2. Ohhh now thats my kinda man lol ... fab work and hope you rewarded him. this is lovely
    hugs June x


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