Wednesday, March 11, 2015

You Know What They Say About Curiosity...

Well, thank goodness I'm not a cat or even better that it hasn't killed me yet! 

Here's the deal, my curiosity was killing me about the new Cricut Explore, I held out as long as I could and finally broke down and bought one a week or so ago.  There are a ton of mixed reviews, but so far I think it's pretty nice. I'm impressed with it's precise cuts and ease of use. I do feel that Silhouette Studio Designer Edition has the edge, as far as creative freedom. The main reason, I choose to upgrade, is because I own sooooo many cartridges. So far so good. 

Below are the 1st few things I cut with the Explore

I love both machines :):):)


1 comment:

  1. Congrats on your new toy, I had the little Cricut and my hubby didn't like using it so we ended up getting a Silhoutte Cameo last year, I haven't used it alot, I am more of a die cut gal, but my hubby has used it a bit more for around the house and his art work, Have fun getting to know your new machine!


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