Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Paper Party Hat For Georgina...

This is my new little muse, Georgina.  I've had her for a month or so now and she sits at my craft table for inspiration. 
She's a beautiful OOAK custom Blythe doll, created by: Photos4Sue.


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  1. Hi Lisa, she is just awesome. I love her blue hair!!!! Too cute. You would get along with my Mom. She refurbishes dolls and sells then and their hand made clothing on ebay. My Son however who is 16 would freak out if I put a doll like her on my desk. He just hates dolls of any kind and the older ones my Mom has given me are all in boxes in my bedroom. I think he thinks that they will come alive at some point. lol...Mind you this 16 year old doesn't watch any scary movies and wouldn't even if you made him. Don't know where the fear came from, but it is still going strong after all this time. Anyway, I truly think she is adorable and I love that you have given her her own vanity. Every girl should have one you know. Hope you are well. Hugs, Lisa G


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