Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Fur Baby "Blue"...

Blue's my special kitty, he's been with me for 13 1/2 years and he is very loved!  He's a great photography subject and his photo's have also been used on some of my past card creations (posted below).

Blue was a pound baby and it was love at 1st sight!  There he sat in that pound kennel, watching and waiting.  He took one look at me, put his head down, closed those big baby "Blue"s, smooshed his face into the bars that restrained him, stuck both arms out, reaching with all his might and cried MEEOOOW.  All I can say is... I was in love and I couldn't adopt him fast enough♥

One of my favorites and the sentiment suits Blue's personality!
Inside sentiment: I'll have a Blue Christmas without you!

My Baby Blue was diagnosed with CRF just over 2 weeks ago and I'm just devastated, here's the prognosis... 

CRF is a terminal disease. The only questions are how long and how well the patient will live until the end. With proper treatment, the cat may have from months to years of relatively high-quality life. As the cat's caregiver(s), it is up to you to determine when the quality of life has decreased to a point at which prolonging life no longer has value.

As CRF progresses and toxin levels rise, cats become more uncomfortable with an overall sensation of feeling unwell. Human patients with a similar condition don't report "pain" but describe their condition as feeling poorly. Dehydration, in particular, can make the patient very uncomfortable. Aggressively treating CRF, especially with subcutaneous fluid therapy, should not be thought of as "prolonging the agony" as there is no significant pain associated with kidney failure until the end-stage. Even then, unless the patient convulses, the chief symptoms will be malaise, weakness, nausea and discomfort. 


  1. I am so sorry about your beloved kitty.....I cannot express in words how bad I feel for you. I have 4 little lover kitties (or they have me) that have accumlated at my home through various that is now 17...and to lose one of them would be heartbreaking...thinking of you with Hugs Amy

  2. Thank you, Amy! Your very sweet and your kindness is very much appreciated. It's always a pleasure to meet a fellow cat lover.
    Please excuse my emotional post yesterday. I've since decided to leave out the sad details and just showoff my little guy, hence the altered post.
    Hugs to you and your beautiful kitties too!
    Thanks again!
    "Until you have cherished a pet a part of your soul remains untouched." author unknown

  3. what a his eyes! I especially like that you make cards with his idea! You have inspired me to do something like that with our kitlet, Tasha! Nice blog, Lisa~

  4. oh no...bad news? I had not read the other comments when I replied. Our rescue kitties mean the world to us, and we had to say goodbye to our ragdoll on Dec 24 because of kidney failure. I am sorry to hear you are experiencing heartbreak~


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