Monday, September 15, 2008

You Make My Life a Sheer Delight!!!

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  1. Your stuff is so pretty! You do a lot better coloring and so forth than I have the patience for, too. (grin) I found your blog through surfing eBay. I was wondering--have you considered an etsy shop or maybe advertising your stamps for sale on a rubber stamp mailing list (Yahoo group)? I recently tried selling a few electronics things on eBay, and I found that the fees were killing me (and they take a percentage of your PayPal money, as well, and now they insist you use PayPal only--and they get a percentage of what your item sells for--etc.) I find that many stampers are looking for particular stamps and will send for a PDF file listing stamps for sale, or will look at a flickr site of stamps for sale, and you can sell fee-free that way. I am on the Webkahuna stampers list, among others, and I know we would like to see you post some stamps for sale there. Of course we chat and discuss projects and so forth as well! I just think that would be a more profitable way to sell, as eBay has started taking so much out of what you make. Hope to see you on webkahuna (it's a Yahoo group--go to and search).


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